Boarding Horses at Paradise Stables

On 125 acres of prime pasture and 10 miles of woods and fields with horseback riding trails, Paradise Stables is a premier stable for boarding horses in Maryland.  At Paradise Stables, horses are number one and that is obvious everywhere.  From the beautiful facility to the quality care, we offer several boarding options.

Whether field or stall boarded at Paradise Stables, your horse will receive daily attention from our highly trained staff.  Full time barn staff are present a minimum of 12 hours a day, the owners live on the premises and can therefore be available day and night for emergency situations.

Boarding Options
Premium Stall Board Standard Stall Board Field Board
$950+ per month $800+ per month $525-600+ per month
Includes booking and handling of vet and farrier appointments, administering topical, oral or injection medications (once daily), administering feed supplements, sawdust & hay usage for weather related incidents, up to 3 blanket changes each day, appropriate sawdust levels supplied (excludes medical necessity) fecal testing (4 times each year), deworming (up to 2 times per year), wrapping (1 time each day, materials not included), and free choice hay, daily hoof picking, cursory grooming, and monthly trailer parking. 12x12 box stall, daily turn out based on season, 2 feedings per day, morning and evening blanket changes, daily fly spray, fly masks, and free choice hay, holding for regular vetrinary calls, and supplement administartion. . Access to spacious run in shed, heated auto waters, hay huts, 2 feedings per day, morning and evening blanket changes, daily fly spray, and fly masks. All inclusive field boarding options also aviailable for $600 per month.

Additional services available upon request

Here at Paradise we take herd management very seriously. Each field is limited to 4 or 5 horses (with a mix of field and stalled horses) to ensure every horse has easy access to hay, shelter and water. We also take into account your horses' dietary restrictions, personality and overall herd dynamics when placing them in a field.